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Michael Figueroa

Michael A. Figueroa, CISSP, is the Cyber Innovations and Services Lead at Draper in Cambridge, MA. He primarily focuses on transitioning an advanced secure processor based on the open RISC-V ISA to market. He also serves as the program manager for advanced research in reverse engineering tools and applying non-security emerging technologies such as deep machine learning and human analytics to security problems, designs secure solutions based on those research technologies and others from outside Draper, and manages service delivery for integrating those technologies into existing IT environments. He previously focused on large­ scale system integration with mobile and cloud technologies as a research and software development manager for an innovative secure network and communications platform. He has also served as a CISO at a late-stage financial services startup, business executive for a security consulting startup, and managed security integration for several Government and commercial large-scale systems integration efforts. In his spare time, he is a certified youth soccer coach, world traveler, and philosopher. He holds a B.S. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT and a M.F.S. in High Tech Crime Investigations from the George Washington University. His recent publications include “Reduced Realistic Attack Plan Surface for Identification of Prioritized Attack Goals” and “A SOUND Approach to Security in Mobile and Cloud-­Oriented Environments.”

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Saturday, May 21